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A black and white humpback whale breaching the ocean waters

Whale Watching in Puerto Vallarta

Whale watching in Puerto Vallarta is a popular past time during the winter and spring months. Humpback whales come to the warm waters of Mexico to mate and give birth. Banderas Bay is a popular location for the whales because the shape of the bay protects them from predators. While they're in the bay, they often play by slapping their huge fins, breaching the surface, and whale tails can be seen when they prepare to dive.

Where do the whales come from?

The whales come from the western ocean off Canada and the United States.

When is the best time to see whales in Puerto Vallarta?

Whale watching season is from December through March, with the best whale watching season being January and February.

Can I see whales from the coast and from the resort?

Yes, you can see them with your naked eye from Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa, though they may be fairly far out. If you're watching for them, you can see the spray from their spouts, then if you watch closely, you may see their backs rise across the ocean, slap their fins in play, and even breach the surface. Bring a pair of binoculars and you can see them much better. You can see them from the beach, while lounging at the pool, and from your suite balcony. The mountain suites are higher up and you may get a more panoramic view, but you can see them from pretty much anywhere you can see the water at the resort.

Can I get up close and personal to the whales?

Yes, there are a number of tour companies you can book a whale watching tour through. See our list of Puerto Vallarta Tour Companies for more information about booking a whale watching trip.

Book Early!

Since whale watching in Puerto Vallarta is extremely popular, the suites at Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta tend to book up quite a bit in advance, so book early to book one of the best suites in Puerto Vallarta for whale watching. It's not uncommon for suite to sell out a year in advance for these months, especially January and February.

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