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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make a Reservation?

A reservation request can be submitted by filling out our reservation form. Once we receive your request we will check with the resort to confirm availability. You will then let you know if the room is available and you will need to pay for the reservation in full at that time, and a confirmation email will be sent to you.

Are there any additional fees I have to pay?

There are no additional fees you need to pay to make a reservation. When you check in at the resort, however, there will be some fees the resort charges. To find out exactly what the fees are you can contact the resort directly before or after a reservation has been made.

How can I add on All-Inclusive Dining?

Once a reservation has been made, you will be sent a confirmation email with concierge contact information for any further assistance you may need about your upcoming stay, including adding on all inclusive dining.

What if I don’t want All-Inclusive, can I still eat at the restaurants and bars?

Yes! You can eat at all of the restaurants and bars if you are not part of the all-inclusive dining plan, you will just pay as you go.

How do I arrange for transportation?

All resorts offer transportation services to and from the airport, and any other places you wish to go while staying at the resorts. Contact the concierge provided in your confirmation email and they will help arrange for transportation to and from the resort on your arrival and departure dates. You can arrange for any other transportation through the concierge at the hotel after check in.

What ages are children considered a child or adult?

Per the resort guidelines, children are considered a child from the ages of 0-11. Anyone 12 or older is considered an adult.

Do children count towards the total number of people in a room?

Every person of any age count towards the total number of people in the room.

Is there parking at the resorts if I bring my own car?

Yes, each resort has free parking.

Do all rooms have an ocean view?

Most rooms have at least a partial ocean view, but there are some rooms that have a resort or jungle view. The only rooms that have a direct ocean facing view are units that state “ocean front” in their titles. Penthouse Lofts and Ocean View Lofts also have an ocean view. Rooms that do not specify “ocean front“, “penthouse“, or “ocean view” are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis on what is available when you check in. Ocean view rooms (other than those listed above) are not guaranteed. However, all resorts are on the ocean and there area many areas you can take in the spectacular ocean views.

What amenities does the resort offer?

All resorts have many amenities including free WiFi, butler service, concierge services, several pools and hot tubs, bath amenities, spas, fitness centers, kids clubs, and numerous restaurants and bars. There area also some adults-only areas as well. See the Amenities sections for each resort to see what amenities the resorts offer, and a list of amenities is listed on each individual room page as well so you can see what is included for each suite.

What activities do the resorts offer?

All of the resorts offer free activities and vary at each resort. Some activities include kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkeling, eBikes, kid’s clubs, spas, fitness centers, tennis, pickleball, beach volleyball, water aerobics, yoga, Spanish classes, dance lessons, hiking, cooking classes, tequila tasting, and more.

Can I bring my pet or service animal?

None of the resorts are pet-friendly. If you have a question about service animals, contact the resort directly for questions about service animals. Please note that Mexico does not adhere to the United States’ ADA requirements.

Can I smoke in my room, on my balcony, or on the resort grounds?

All of the resorts are non-smoking. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas. You cannot smoke in your room, on your balcony, or in common areas at the resort. If you need to smoke, ask the concierge or your butler and they will tell you where a designated smoking area is.

What if I need to cancel or change my reservation?

For cancellations or changes to your reservation see our Policies page for details.

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